Top 3 Six Sigma Certifications in India

A Six Sigma certification is becoming more and more popular and has gained popularity in India as well. It is been labeled as a metric, a methodology and over the time as an entire management system.

Six Sigma not a product but a mix of ideologies and principles turned into a methodology. There is no ownership and therefore it’s only a certification that matters the most. The priority is, of course, the main body that provides the certification; it should be most recognized and a respected one. It’s best to choose a body that is solely focused on Six Sigma Certification. There is a slew of non-profit organizations, corporations like Motorola and BSI, ISI-B and certifying bodies that provide training and certifications separately.

Leaders among these are the American Society for Quality, the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC), Benchmark and our homegrown institutes like the Indian Statistical Institute and the BSI. These all have an established body of knowledge.


So here are the best certifications available on Six Sigma in India.


Rank 1: American Society for Quality (ASQ)

ASQ provides both – the Training and Certification separately and has classroom and remote learning options. Following courses available –

  • Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) (Duration: 8 Days)
  • Six Sigma Black Belt (SSBB) (Duration: 15 Days)
  • Weekend (Sat-Sun) classes conducted in Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai & Pune. In other parts of the country, they have the web-based delivery medium – (WebEx)
  • ASQ South Asia in conjugation with IIT Kharagpur have jointly developed a unique on-campus residential program on LEAN and Six Sigma (Green + Black belt) held at Kharagpur.



They offer customized training both at the campus as well as online – ASQ delivers training solutions right at a location where it’s needed.

The quality practitioners are from across industries and experiences with expertise in teaching.

Training created by instructional designers/developers and industry experts which is then peer-reviewed for highest accuracy and relevance.

After training you can appear for certification whenever you are ready, none the less they give a certificate of participation. Both the training and certification are charged separately.


Rank 2: Indian Statistical Institute (ISI)

This is an academic institution run by the government. They started with the training of Black Belts in Motorola, India and then initiated Six-Sigma implementation in Wipro. It holds a reputation for being an academic institute of national significance recognized by a 1959 act. Their training programs are certified by the Institute itself. Following courses available –

  • 3 Day Program on Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Black belt- 14-day program + Project work.
  • Masters Black Belt


  • It’s a government institution and the professors are experts in statistics
  • They have assisted in implementing Six Sigma in companies like Reliance, L&T, HP-e-business, Indo Rama, Kirloskar, Bosch, Macmillan, Saint-Gobain, Godrej, HDFC and many more.
  • Completed 1000 projects and 1500 Six Sigma projects are being guided.
  • They help top organizations to do six sigma projects, so they have ample real-life experiences.
  • Certification provided by ISI itself. Being an Indian institute the certification holds value in India.


Rank 3: Henry Harvin Education

The Certificate Course on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is a 5-Days Online Certification course  + 12 (Post Certification Implementation Classes). This is one of the best courses on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Course Fee: 12,500



Tools: It teaches more than 20+ tools.

Trainer: They are seasoned functionaries from across domains and industries with 10+ years of experience in quality.

Pedagogy: Goal Centric and Action-Oriented methodology or GCAO

The course includes discussions, reviews, exercise, demos, role play, guided practice, brainstorming, problem-solving and article discussions.

Online follow-up sessions with expert coaches

App-based LMS platform

Certification: Globally recognized Executive Certificate Course on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (CSSE)” title.

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