Online Courses In Marketing Analytics

To start with; let’s agree on one point that there aren’t any ‘best’ institutes or courses for a digital marketing certification. Rather it all depends on the requirements of the participants, different skill sets they possess and interest in knowledge areas they may have that decides the best fit course on Marketing Analytics.

There are several courses in the market that stand apart and offer the best knowledge. Here we talk about the best institutes in India as well as some renowned “massive open online courses” or MOOCs as they are commonly known.


 Henry Harvin Education offers some of the best courses in Marketing Analytics. They have a Certified Market Analytics Online Course that is devised by some of the leading industry experts. The course is delivered thru various tech aided methods and the best about their courses is that they have a well-measured pedagogy with identifiable goals and result oriented outcomes. The course is delivered in a simpler, lucid manner by industry experts. There is ample scope for brainstorming on complex scenarios.

Topic covered include

  • Data management and Data tools like MS Excel, R, SAS &
  • Google Analytics
  • R Programming and multicollinearity
  • Regression models and forecasts
  • Business market research
  • Model performance check

Course fee for the program is INR 12500


Jigsaw Academy also offers extensive Market Analytics courses with courses such as Data Science with SAS/R/Pytho.

Gain in-depth knowledge on marketing analytics tools under the guidance of well-qualified faculty. They have trained 40,000 students over 30+ countries and have got several recognitions like Best Academy for Analytics Course from Brand Academy Awards 2014, Best Analytics Training Institute 2014, 2016 from Analytica India Magazine.


Digital Vidhya, the Digital School is an IIT &IIM Alumni Initiative offering a Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) program since 2009. They have trained 12,000+ people from 6000+ organizations across 25+ countries.

The course contains 115+ hours instructor-led, live sessions. They have several modules like Data Analytics using Python, Analytics techniques using Excel and Power BI, Data Analytics using R/SAS/. The course fee is Rs. 34,900.

Let’s also take up some of the best courses offered thru MOOCs.

Sites such as Coursera and edX, offer multiple such Marketing Analytics courses designed by some of the leading universities of the world.


Coursera is a MOOC website offering some good courses on Marketing Analytics. They offer courses like

Marketing Analytics that covers

  • Brand and customer assets
  • Understand regression analysis

Informed Decision Making with Marketing Analytics Course Certified by Emory University also covers

  • How to extract, organize and describe data
  • Quantify and interpret relationships between variable
  • Derive customer insights from your data
  • Evaluate risk and optimize business
  • Other courses worth knowing are
  • Digital Analytics for marketing professionals


CredEd is another MOOC learning source offering some of the best courses are Business Analytics for Data Driven Decision-Making. These courses aim at managers to hone their skills in methods, concepts, and process of Business Analytics.

Course learning includes

  • Data questions and reasoning
  • Integrating and cleaning the data
  • Analysis & deriving insights from analysis


Google Analytics Academy One of the most popular platforms for companies,  their certificate holds good value in the market.

Google Analytics Exam Course conducted by Google Analytics Academy offers classes that teach Google Analytics in 4 different segments.

The course covers everything from Mobile Analysis to Digital Analysis.

  1. Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  2. Google Analytics Platform Principles
  3. E-commerce Analytics
  4. Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals

These are all online videos and afterward one can apply for Google Analytics Exam to attain Google Analytics Certification valid for 1 Year.

Hope the above list helps as a guide to some of the best online Marketing Analytics course available in the market.

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