Best Six Sigma Courses in India

Six Sigma Green Belt

Six Sigma is one of the most powerful management initiatives which benefit the organization in multifaceted ways. It helps to drive and achieve continuous transformational changes within the organization that focuses on process improvement.

Six Sigma has surpassed some of its counterparts including Total Quality Management to emerge as the most preferred course in quality management.

The course helps achieve following:

  • Understanding customer requirement
  • Align process and its timely execution
  • Analytical rigor and deep statistical ability
  • Strong leadership and interpersonal skills


Here are the best Six Sigma Courses available in India

Rank 1: American Society for Quality – ASQ

The ASQ along with IIT Kharagpur offers On-Campus residential programs on Six Sigma for working professionals.

ASQ offers following programs: Six Sigma Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma.

Courses, Fee and Duration:

Six Sigma Green Belt, Yellow Belt, Black Belt and Lean Six Sigma.

Course Fee: Greenbelt is for INR 28,470 and Black Belt is INR 34,970


  • Certification: ASQ the oldest, well-known body and is a big name in Six Sigma training in South Asia.
  • Their certification holds value and accepted worldwide.
  • Trainers: They have experienced trainers who are practicing professionals

Trainers: They have experienced trainers who are practicing professionals

Value of Certification: ASQ is a big name in Six Sigma training in South Asia. Their certification holds value and accepted worldwide.

Reputation of the institute: Value of a Six Sigma course greatly depends on an In-house project. ASQ just requires an affidavit from your organization saying you have done projects and therefore we have placed this one on a lower rung.


Rank 2: Indian Statistical Institute – ISI

ISI offers following programs

Courses, Fee and Duration:

  • 3 Day Program on Six Sigma Green Belt – Course fee INR 11,800.
  • Black belt- 14-day program + Project work. Course fee INR 53,100.
  • Masters Black belt – Course fee INR 47,200

Its slightly expensive course, however, will surely impact your position.


  • It’s a government institution and the professors are experts in statistics
  • They help top organizations to do six sigma projects, so they have ample real-life experiences.
  • Certification provided by ISI itself. Being an Indian institute the certification

Faculty: Prof. K.S Neogy, head Statistical Quality Control & Opps Research has vast experience in research areas like Mathematical Programming, Complementarity Problem (which include Linear programming, Convex quadratic programming and some Game problems Matrix Analysis with application in Optimization theory.

Reputation of the institute: Worldwide repute, professional teaching and well-organized course structures.

Value of Certification: Certification provided by ISI itself & holds a lot of value in India.


Rank 3: Henry Harvin Education

Course: This is one of the best courses on Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. It has an intensive, well structured curriculum delivered by experts from the industry.


  • It teaches more than 20+ tools.
  • Seasoned trainers from across domains and industries with 10+ years of experience in quality.
  • Goal Centric and Action-Oriented training methodology or GCAO
  • Online follow-up sessions with expert coaches
  • App-based LMS platform
  • Globally recognized ‘Certified Six Sigma” title which is valid for lifetime

Fee: 12,500

Duration: 6-Days fast track

Reputation of the institute: Latest learning technology and no doubt the best training,            reputation and brand value.

Value of Certification: Globally recognized ‘Certified Six Sigma” title.


Rank 4: BSI India

BSI India delivers consultation services for companies in more than 150 countries. Also, they provide support for all kind of ISO certifications.

BSI offers following programs

Courses, Fee and Duration:

  • Six Sigma Green Belt is a 5 days-Classroom program with a course fee of INR 29,500
  • Lean training 4 days-Classroom program with a course fee of INR 29,500
  • Yellow Belt 4 days-Classroom program with a course fee of INR 25,000
  • Black Belt 15 days-Classroom program(3 monthly modules of 5 days) with a course fee of INR 1,20,000


  • Certification aligned with ISO 13053 Quantitive methods of process improvement.
  • ISO 9001 certification over a million organizations certified and is the most widely recognized benchmark in Quality Management across the world.
  • However the certification they offer is their own and is valid widely in India.

Reputation of the institute: For more than 100 years BSI helped shape many of the world’s management systems standards, including the three most widely adopted for quality, the environment and health and safety. BSI is accredited by around 20 local and international bodies including. They have 65,000 certified clients.

Value of Certification: Recognised widely all over in the industry.


Rank 5: KPMG Learning Academy

KPMG offers following programs

 Courses, Fee and Duration:

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Program

Course Fee: INR 23,000

A four-day globally recognized program for Project Managers, TLs, Quality Assurance  Engineers and aspiring managers.

After completing this, one can opt for next level i.e.

Six Sigma Black Belt Training and Certification Program


  • Course full of real-life examples and good presentation
  • Certificate by KPMG is widely recognized in 154 countries where KPMG has presence
  • Embraced by most Fortune 500 companies

Trainers:  all senior Black Belts and Master Black Belts and they have a detailed Train the trainer session internally.

Value of Certification: KPMG’s   Lean Six Sigma program is recognized by 154 countries.

Reputation of the institute: one of the top-notch programs in the entire Asian, African, Middle Eastern and South East Asian region.


It depends on the objective of an individual where he would like to join. For example, a course from ISI is good for academics and teaching profession. On the other hand, if someone is looking for a corporate career then a course from Henry Harvin Education is more suitable as they offer after course support and are known for their faculty and structured training.


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