Best Marketing Analytics Courses in India

There are Institutes and universities, business schools and even online MOOCs that offer good learning and certification on Marketing Analytics course. On the other hand, some people vouch for more of self-study and learning from hard work and curiosity after a basic course. After all, there are no such parameters to define the best. What is best for one may be feckless for others.

Business schools charge up to 10 times than a self-guided certification because they also provide facilities like building, hostel etc. But the faculty is still from within the industry and in fact from these online sites itself.

Business schools are particularly helpful for those who need an extra push in learning something.

Before choosing a program, do delve on the following

  • ROI
  • Curriculum and pedagogy
  • Placement Assistance
  • Market value of the course
  • Practical classes with analytical tools like SAS/R
  • Industrial projects and affiliations


Here are the top ranking Marketing Analytics  Courses in India

PGPBA – Great Lakes: It’s a full time, on campus program contrary to most programs that are online so this is a preferred one. The program is designed in a way to include a mix of Analytics, Marketing, and MBA.

It gives good exposure thru regular interactions with faculty and mostly practical assignments. Their offline, full-time program includes an opportunity for on-campus placement.


Henry Harvin education one of the most cutting-edge program that is packed with intense curriculum, Henry Harvin organizes different programs in Market Analytics which are suitable for Practitioners, transitioning aspirants who want to change stream and an extensive online course that blends concepts like matrices, market strategies, KPIs, Analytical tools indepts.

Their pedagogy is measurable and goal-centric. The course is delivered in a simpler, lucid manner by some of the most renowned experts in the field.

Some of the key elements of their course are

  • Data management and Data tools like MS Excel, R, SAS &

Google Analytics

  • R Programming and multicollinearity
  • Dissection of types of shoppers and their behavior
  • Regression models and forecasts
  • Business market research
  • Model performance check

The “Certified Marketing Analytics Professional (CMAP)” throws open a plethora of avenues available in India and abroad.


IIIT-B & UpGrad PG Diploma Program in Data Analytics is a good course for many reasons. This program is designed specifically for smooth transitioning of participants from their current profiles. They only need to devote 6-10 hours weekly so it seems suitable for working professionals and tech, non-tech backgrounds.

Program gives 4 industry options to specialize in and covers

Data Analytics – modeling

Visualization, tools

Languages like R, python, Tableau, etc.

Followed by capstone project of 3 months where participants are mentored by industry professionals for business acumen and technical expertise.


Aegis School of Business in association with IBM, offer a Post Graduate Program in Business Analytics and Big Data; India’s first holistic data science program for 11 months duration that includes 2-3 month of internship project.

The course contents include

  • Business Intelligence using Cognos BI
  • Big Data Analytics using IBM InfoSphere
  • Big Insight, IBM SPSS
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • TM1, Watson Analytics, IBM Blue Mix
  • Python, SAS, Hadoop, MapReduce, EC2, AWS, Weka

This program is delivered at MTNL’s world-class campus with state of art “IBM Business Analytics Lab” and “IBM Cloud Computing Lab” at Powai, Mumbai.

These ones are the best in market programs providing a comprehensive insight into the world of marketing Analytics.

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