About Us

We are widely recognized training providers partnering with some of the pioneers in online training.Training360india offers cutting-edge programs for professionals who seek to improve their skills to stay ahead in today’s dynamic environment. These are some of the most sought-after courses by professionals in the industry.

These programs are designed for those who want to take a leap in IT-based, web-based and analytics streams.  Our programs in Agile and Scrum, Analytics, Digital marketing, ITIL and Six Sigma are meant for working professionals, business owners and job seekers to place them on an acceptable market standard so they are equipped to do things the way big players prefer.

Upon successful completion of these programs, certificates are provided which are widely recognized in the industry as many of these courses are run in collaboration with India’s leading course providers.

The courses are intense, power-packed and are based on latest market trends that guarantee the best available in the market.

Even if your job is not using enough of these at the moment, it doesn’t mean that the market won’t demand it once you look for higher grounds. Professionals and serious candidates can never afford to miss on them as changing market value these certifications.

Trainings360india offers both in-house and live programs. Our intensive programs are particularly suited for professionals who already have some work exposure but it doesn’t mean that students opting for higher certifications, fresh graduates looking for job opportunities through these programs are out of our focus. We arrange special batches for these aspirers as per their orientation level and grasping of things.

These courses are led by industry experts, college directors and top-notch professionals who share their insights on an understanding of how things function in the real environment.

If you are keen on knowing the possibilities that exist then we are just a phone call away. Our executives are ready to guide you towards making your next goal a reality.